Individual counseling

Our interventions go for all individual cases either only psychological and/or psychosomatic:

  • Stressful situations
  • Grief and painful separations
  • Mental blockages and emotional wounds
  • Cases of psychological trauma (PTSD)
  • Cases of depressions
  • Addiction cases (to drugs: hemp, tobacco, alcohol, etc).
  • Cases of discomfort (insomnia, severe headache, hot flushes, mood disorders, bulimia, anorexia, etc.)
  • Psychotherapy for the chronic patients
    These non communicable diseases are largely due to bodily manifestation of a psychological problem buried in the unconscious. Once the problem is identified and resolved, the body should normally be able to start the healing process and the disease starts to heal gradually.

    Support and therapy for couples

    Our interventions also go for couples seeking harmonious relationships, family well-being or couples in crisis situations:
  • We help engaged couples to discover ways to enrich and make the engagement period fruitful.
  • Increasing awareness of the normal developmental stages of the couples
  • Address cases of sexual crises within couples
  • Address Cases of communication crises within couples
  • Raise awareness to Strategies and keys to success in basic education for children

Support and Group therapy

We supervise groups of:

Young people: Schooled inside their school centers or others living in youth support centers.

Adults: having more or less similar traumatic experiences in common such as genocide survivors, widows, people living with disabilities, single mothers, etc.