Professional Counselor and Consultant accredited by the Rwandan Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC).

I am as well Founder and Managing Director of a private platform called Life in fullness Ltd

For over twenty five years now, I have been attracted to approaches that unify the body and mind and these continue to inspire and complement me in my journey of self-discovery: Qi Gong, different approaches of relaxation and stress management, meditation, metamedicine as well as psychosomatic therapies.

Questioning the meaning of life, the meaning of the events that marked my life, were and are still ingredients for not only consciously thinking about my life, but also moving forward in life. This unique journey opens doors to more satisfaction in my research and discoveries on a human being, his life, his existence, his vulnerabilities, his questions, his strengths, his hopes…

Our approach is:
• To teach you to listen to yourself with kindness and compassion,
• To accompany you towards the discovery of your “unique package”, your original being and towards self-awareness,
• To guide you towards the discovery of your talents and abilities,
• To help you be able to free yourself from any grip for effective self-healing,
• To inspire you to make better choices in life

My main trainings:

General Qigong Health Practitioner
Trained by the Association Modeste et Innocent – NGO

Philosopher and Theologian by training
Graduated from the Urbaniana University of Rome / Bachelor’s degree in Sacred Theology

Intervener in Metamedecine
Trained by Claudia Rainville, founder of the approach

Trained by Prison Fellowship Rwanda – NGO

Psychotherapist in psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic existential and systemic therapies.
Graduated from the Kampala University/ Masters in Guidance and Counseling